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Ludwig Hünersdorf

Aquila Salome


SSB: 7240150902AU088  


PRE, 27.01.2009
Bay (will go grey)

Expected to mature 15.0 - 15.2 hh

Aquila Salome

Aquila Salome is registered and approved for breeding in the Spanish Stud Book. Registration as a Purebred Spanish Horse with the AHAA is pending.

Show Results:
ACE Tour 2011 - Conformation 75%, Movement 71%, Total 73%. Comments: Uphill, good topline, long good set neck.

Aquila Salome was unable to be shown in the 2010 EquiPRE National Tour due to a foot abscess.

Poseido LXXII
Viajero V
Devoto II
Barquillero XIII
Devota (by Amoroso V)
Viajera II
Farruco VI
Gobernadora III (by Garboso XII)
Poseida XII
Jubiloso V
Hosco II
Jubilosa II (by Generoso VIII)
Discreta VI
Usurpadora (by Bizarro IV)
El Caballero Corazona
El Caballero Corazon
Corveta (by Estudiante XII)
Jacaranda XII
Embajador II
Formantera (by Cazador VII)
Emblema V
Encantador III
Embajador II
Delightful (by Escribiente VI)
Falconera (by Honroso II)


Aquila Salome is a gorgeous example of the success of the Cartujano over Yeguada Militar cross in PRE breeding, combining Poseido's Carthusian bloodlines with Cora's four crosses to the legendary Military line stallion, Maluso.
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