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May 2017
Aquila Perseus leaves us this month for a fabulous home in Victoria. We'll miss Percy greatly, and wish him and his new familty all the best for the future.
Aquila Tirso LOVES a scratch...

This picture of David and Aquila Tirso really proves that a picture is worth more than 1000 words!

First Fugitivo XII foal born in Australia, and what a beauty!

By the Calificado FEI dressage stallion, Fugitivo XII (Imp.), and out of 'Elite' mare Aquila Rosalinda (by Poseido XII, Imp.), this beautiful filly is sure to please!

Check back to watch her progress.

AHAA NSW State Show, 6th - 7th October 2012

Aquila Merlin and Aquila Leonidas - 1st Place, Progeny Class (2 progeny of same sire or dam)
Poseido LXXII, Aquila Merlin and Aquila Leonidas - 1st Place, Progeny Group (mare or stallion with two offspring)
Judge: Sabina Callaghan

Aquila Leonidas, 2nd Place - Led Spanish colt 2 years to 4 years
Aquila Leonidas - Reserve Champion Led Spanish Colt
Poseido LXXII, 2nd Place - Led Spanish stallion 9 years to 12 years
Poseido LXXII - Reserve Champion Spanish Stallion
Aquila Merlin, 3rd Place - Led Spanish gelding 5 years to 8 years
Aquila Leonidas, 1st place - Ridden Spanish male under 15.2hh
Poseido LXXII, 3rd place - Ridden Spanish male over 15.2hh
Aquila Merlin, 3rd place - Ridden Spanish gelding under 15.2hh
Judge: xxxxxxx

AHAA National Show, 18th - 20th February 2011

Aquila Merlin - 1st place, Led Spanish Entire 2 yrs & under 4
Aquila Merlin - National Reserve Champion Junior Spanish Entire

Aquila Merlin - 1st place, Section 6 (3 yo colts)
Aquila Merlin - Reserve Champion Colt (Sections 2, 4, 6)

Judge Ignacio Bravo.

27 January 2011- ACE Assessment

Aquila Lucero, WB foal - Conformation 79.5%, Movement 74%, Total 76.75%. Comments: very nice type, fine legs, elastic trot.

Aquila Sophia, 2yo PRE - Conformation 74%, Movement 73.5%, Total 73.75%. Comments: good set neck, engaged in trot and canter and swinging in her movements.

Aquila Salome, 2yo PRE - Conformation 75%, Movement 71%, Total 73%. Comments: Uphill, good topline, long good set neck.

Aquila Merlin, 3yo PRE - Conformation 75.5%, Movement 69.5%, Total 72.5%. Comments: colt with a good neck, could overtrack more in his walk and be more swinging in his movements.

Aquila 'not yet named', PRE foal - Conformation 74%, Movement not shown (stone bruise). Comments: Strong in the back.

21st December 2010 - Judges Certificate has arrived
The certificate for the Sarah's successfully completed Judges Corse has arrived! This course was organised by the International College of PRE Judges, in collaboration with MELPI and the wonderful Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse. The lecturers were the incredibly talented Mercedes Gonzáles Cort and extremely knowledgeable Col. Javier Velazquez Rivera.
20th November 2010 - Steffen Peters Masterclass, Equitana, Melbourne
Click here for a clinic report.
19th November 2010 - Outstanding results for Aquila PRE in the 2010 EQUIPRE National Show

We presented four horses in this year's EQUIPRE National Show - the first in Australia since 2006 - with the following results:

Subcampeón de la Raza (Reserve Champion Stallion): Poseido LXXII
Subcampeóna de la Raza (Reserve Champion Mare): Aquila Rosalinda, awarded Elite status
Campeóna de la Raza (Junior Champion Filly): Aquila Sophia (equal 1st), awarded Elite status
Campeón de la Raza (Junior Champion Colt): Aquila Leonidas, awarded Premium status
Mejores Movimientos (Best Movement - Junior): Aquila Sophia (8.5 pts, the highest movement score of the tour)

Of the four horses we presented, two were awarded Elite status, and two Premium. We are so excited about these results, and so pleased with the success of our breeding program to date.

21st October 2019 - WBFSH Annual Studbook Rankings 2010
It's that time of year again! As breeding season kicks off in earnest in the Southern Hemisphere, The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) releases its annual studbook rankings. The PRE studbook has climbed to 7th place this year, following a fantastic year of competition for PREs throughout the world.
Some of the PRE horses on the list:
FEI Ranking
Dam's Sire
Total Points
Fuego XII
Utrerano VII
Elegido III
Perdiguero II
Cortesano VII
Aquilles III
Fogonero IX
Judio III
Impaciente II
Talisman IV
Piconero IV
Lotero II
Ultimado V
9th October 2010 - Camperdown P&A Show
Aquila Rosalinda took home a blue ribbon on her first outing, in the led show hunter hack 15 - 15.2 hh class. She was such a star, taking everything in her stride without batting an eyelid.
5th September 2010 - Sarah successfully completes the 1st International PRE Judges course in Las Vegas
After studying for several months in order to take the online portion of the judges course (and the eight attendant tests), Sarah travelled to the 2010 Celebration in Las Vegas to successfully complete the seminar and practical sessions. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn from two of the world's most experienced and highly respected Spanish Horse judges - high school rider Mercedes Gonzales Cort, and Head of the Spanish College of Judges, Col. Francisco Javier Valásquez.
22nd August 2010 - Changes at Aquila PRE
There are some exciting developments underway at Aquila PRE at the moment. As you may have noticed, we are in the process of updating our image - changing our colours, developing a logo and much more! We are working on a stud DVD and information pack, which should be available from December this year. We are also now mobile, having purchased a fantastic gooseneck (which is so luxurious that we almost can't imagine using it to transport horses). We are just waiting for the weather to improve a little more, and we will be taking the horses to a local indoor arena to get some long awaited updated photos. Although, we won't need to do this for long - plans are underway for the installation of a fine new arena. And some more news that we are very excited about - we are negotiating to import frozen semen from some of the world's top PREs. Not just from stallions that have been successful in morphology and movement classes, but horses that have also excelled in the dressage arena - and perhaps even more importantly - stallions that have proven that they produce progeny that move (and perform) as well as they do. Make sure you check back over the coming weeks and months to find out what's new!
24th June 2010 - ACPRE Australia active again - joins forces PRE Mundial

Due to repeated requests from many Australian PRE owners and breeders for promotion and shows for their horses, ACPRE Australia has been reactivated, headed once again by Jane Evans. ACPRE has joined forces with PRE Mundial in the US, which gives Australian owners and breeders an amazing opportunity to have their horses inspected and assessed by some of the most senior Spanish Horse judges in the world. Horses - including those that missed out on being included in the Spanish Stud Book due to the closing of the 'open revision' - can also be registered with PRE Mundial and inspected for 'breeding approval' to the same standards used by the Spanish Military for more than 100 years (i.e. the standards used before the studbook was handed over to ANCCE).

We think that this is a fantastic opportunity for Australian owners and breeders!

Click here to find out more about ACPRE Australia and PRE Mundial, and how they fit into the Spanish Horse / Andalusian scene.

4th May 2010
We are all very sad here at Aquila PRE at the moment, as our much loved, ten year old German Short Haired Pointer Mack has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer, and is not expected to be with us much longer.
27th February 2010 - Heytesbury Show
We decided to enter Poseido and Merlin in the Heytesbury Agricultural show for their first outing. Poseido was awarded reserve champion, and Merlin third place in the open stallion and colt class.
27th January 2010 - ACE Assessment
Our first ACE assessment, and we were so pleased with our horses. Merlin, our 2 year old PRE colt was assessed at 74.75 for third place in his section, with 8s for his neck, his canter and his swing & elasticity, with the comments "compact, uphill constructed, nice neck, good round canter". Donna AQ, a 3 year old warmblood filly was assessed at 73.25 for 17th place in the mare section, with the comments "nice type, short lined, relaxed, enough swinging movements". Lucy AQ, another 3 year old whose movement had unfortunately been compromised by a recent injury, received 72.50 for 21st place in the mare section, with the comments "nice type & nice faced mare, long legged, nice walk, could have a lot more swing and impulsion in trot & canter". Assuming Lucy recovers well, we will have her reassessed next year, which should improve her score considerably.
19th January 2010 - Harry Whitney Clinic
Click here for a clinic report.
9th November 2009 - Ingrid Klimke Cavaletti Clinic
Click here for a clinic report.
26th October 2009 - Philippe Karl Clinic, Pegestorf
Click here for a clinic report (more to come!).
21st October 2009 - WBFSH Annual Studbook Rankings 2009
The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) annual studbook rankings for 2009 are out. The PRE studbook has slipped to 13th position, with the Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano (ABPSL) in 15th Position, and the Associação Portuguese De Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) in 16th position
Some of the PRE horses on the list:
FEI Ranking
Dam's Sire
Total Points
Perdiguero II
Helio II
Flamenco XII
Banquero VI
Piconero IV
Lotero II
Ultimado V
Fuego XII
Utrerano VII
Elegido III
Impaciente II
Talisman IV
Talisman IV
Quemador II
Some of the ABPSL horses on the list:
FEI Ranking
Total Points
Relâmpago do Retiro
Poderoso do Retiro
Oceano do Top
Afiançado de Flandes
Nilo VO
Some of the PSL horses on the list:
FEI Ranking
Total Points
Galopin de la Font
Espanto MTV
Novatel JCL Puy du Fou
Pastor (PT)
Altivo PC (PT)
The full results are available on the WBFSH website, or by clicking here.
16th October 2009 - Dr. Gerd Heuschmann meets Bent Branderup
Click here for a seminar report.
23rd August 2009 - Belgian PRE championships
Click here for some photos and videos of the Belgian PRE Championships.
20th August 2009 - New formular for services
The request for service forms have been revised. The PREAA has requested that these new forms be used in the future.
16th August 2009 - Arthur Kottas Clinic
Click here for notes from the Arthur Kottas clinic in Hennef, Germany.
1st - 2nd August 2009 - Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Clinic
Click here for notes from the Gerd Heuschmann clinic in Düsseldorf, Germany (coming September 2009)
7th July 2009 - Inscriptions to be done by 1 month old!
The reason for this letter is to clarify several important points:

With the coming into effect of the new European regulations for equine identification (Regulation (CE) 504/2008 by the Commission dated the 6th of June, 2008), it is absolutely essential for us to take into account new deadlines for actions, because the new regulations are extremely strict for us with regards to the deadlines for issuing passports. This also affects all those countries outside the European Union, as we are the organization that handles the breed.

First of all, we must insist that you send us the blood samples to Spain as soon as possible.  This must be done even if the service, in the actual program, is still pending the field work.  This way, our laboratory can start working on the sample and perform the DNA extraction, while you are working on moving the horse to the pending lab work slot.  

From now on, the deadlines we must comply with for the procedure are as follows:

  • Breeders must request the registration of the horses as soon as possible, at the very latest, before the foal is one (1) month old.

  • Next, you have a maximum of 30 days from when you receive the application for service from the breeder so that the veterinarian can draw the blood and complete the description and send the blood to Spain and you move the service to pending laboratory in the program. We are well aware that this time span is extremely limiting, but the regulations outline very strict deadlines.

  • The laboratory has 21 days in which to perform the DNA analysis and parentage tests.

  • The LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book office has another 21 days to issue, print out and mail the passport.

With these MAXIMUM dealines, 3 months and 10 days have already gone by, which leaves us with almost three months to correct any possible parentage errors, lack of DNA of one of the progenitors, etc.

Thank you for your collaboration. We must all pull together to avoid hindrances for the breeders in each of our countries.

Yours sincerely,

Arancha Rodríguez Sainz de los Terreros

Área Internacional Libro Genealógico PRE ANCCE

19th - 21st June 2009 - Philippe Karl Clinic
Click here for notes from the Philippe Karl clinic at Pegestorf, Germany.
9th - 10th May 2009 - Bent Branderup Clinic
Click here for notes from the Bent Branderup clinic at Ostertal im Odenwald, Germany.
24th April 2009 - Equestrian Australia launches new 2009 Dressage tests

The new dressage tests for Preliminary through to Advanced levels are based on the 2007 USEF Dressage Tests and have been adapted for use in Australia. They introduce new movements such as leg yielding at Novice, renvers at Elementary and half turn on the haunches at Elementary & Medium.

The new tests become effective from 1st July 2009 and will remain in place until December 2013.

You can find these tests on Equestrian Australia's website, or by clicking here.

20th April 2009 - Magic Millions Australian Sport Horse Auction

Magic Millions will be conducting its inaugural Australian Sport Horse Auction on the 15th of August this year, on Queensland's Gold Coast. The auction is set to include all levels of horses horses from broodmares, purpose bred yearlings to top level competition horses in the following areas:

SHOWJUMPING: Adam Mellers (Selections), and Vicki Roycroft (Promotion)
DRESSAGE: Brett Parbery (Selections & Promotion)
POLO: Ginger Hunt (Selections & Promotion)
EVENTING: Tim Boland (Selections & Promotion)
SHOWHORSE: Kim Durante (Selections & Promotion)
ENDURANCE: Peter Toft (Selections & Promotion)

Entry forms will apparently be available by May 1st, and entries are due by June 1st. Check out Magic Millions for nomination forms and more information.

17th April 2009
The PREAA has sent out the following email about this year's revision:

Dear PRE Breeder/Owner,

We have done a call to breeders and owners for a valoration trip in May 2009 for any eligible horses. At this stage there are only 20 horses to be viewed, which unfortunately is not enough for a valoration trip to go ahead. We will work towards a valoration trip later in the year (possibly late October/early November).

We are waiting for many passports (some since late 2007 and early 2008 lodged via both ACPRE and PREAA) which are currently starting to be being processed by ANCCE. This means that there will be more horses to be viewed later in the year.

Kind regards,

Catherine Nicholls,

15th April 2009
We are pleased to offer discounted service fees to Poseido LXXII for all bookings made before 31.07.2009. To take advantage of this Early Bird special, a $500 deposit on the booking must be paid by 31.07.2009.
31st March 2009

Rumour has it that the dressage tests listed on the following website are those that Equestrian Australia plans to introduce in the middle of this year.
Rumoured Dresage Tests...

1st March 2009
The SICAB issue of El Caballo magazine can be read online by clicking on the following link:
12th February 2009
The PREAA have issued the following statement relating to the possible inscription of further Australian pure Spanish horses in the Spanish Stud Book (see below). This is fantastic news for many Australian horse owners and breeders!

Dear Breeder/Owner

PREAA have been petitioning Spain for further PRE eligibility of horses in Australia. This has been a long, slow process, but bit by bit we are making ground.

In 2005 when the Cria Caballar/FESCCR closed its registers for the Spanish Stud Book to further horses in Australia (allowing only progeny of those already approved for breeding to be registrable in the Spanish Stud Book) there were certain conditions of that closure that allowed some further horses to go through.

We had this information put to a meeting of ANCCE (the current keepers of the Stud Book) at the end of January and ANCCE have decided to uphold these closure conditions of 2005. This means that there will be horses that are eligible in Australia under these conditions.

The conditions are attached for you, but are outlined here also:

1. Horses CONCEIVED between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2004 which have not been valorated for whatever reason, and which are progenies of identified stallions and mares, may be inscribed under the following circumstances:
· When the progenitors have not fulfilled their second valoration and have died.
· When neither of the progenitors is IAP (Inscription by opening of the country) and when they are registered in the Main Registry.
· If a progenitor is IAP, but has a first generation progeny inscribed in the Main Registry. That is, they have PRE inscribed progenies approved for breeding

2. Stallions and mares born after the closure date may only be inscribed in the Birth Register when they comply with the general conditions set in Article 7 of the Spanish Legislation Royal Decree 1133/2002 of 31 October. Due to the special conditions existing in Australia and New Zealand, with no nominated authorised personnel, the horses applying to the corresponding Association will be able to be identified within the established timeframe of six months, even though they might not be at the foot of the mother.

3. Birth inscriptions for adult horses, that is, horses born before 1 November 2003,may only be carried out under the conditions set for "outside the specified timeframe" which will be provided for by Spanish Legislation. In the same manner, it will be possible to identify and valorate IAP horses under the conditions of "outside the specified timeframe" Inscriptions.

4. Under no circumstance will foals of IAP horses, CONCEIVED after the closing date of 31 December 2004, be eligible to be inscribed in the Birth Register."

If you think that you have a horse that is eligible, please contact the office on 03 5236 3311 or myself on 0427 78 3344.

We will be paperwork that we will need to have filled out for these horses, then we will need to create covering certificates for them, and send on to Spain so they can determine eligibility.

This is great news for horses in Australia and we need to act on it immediately!

9th February 2009

The five horses that will be receiving ANCCE's 2008 scholarship for 5, 6 & 7 year old dressage horses have been named. These are:

Latigo VI, 6 year old, Campeon IX x Geloyo
Jeque XXVII, 7 year old, Utrerano VII x Belmonte II
Armas Zarzeño, 6 year old, Escarzo x Freson
Pilatos, 5 year old, Rabel II x Don Juan
Enorme, 7 year old, Oficial XXIX x Albero II

27th January 2009
Maiden mare El Caballero Corazona foaled a lovely filly this afternoon. We're looking forward to seeing this filly 'unscrunched'.
8th January 2009
Mayica Carlota foaled a sweet PRE colt today, named Leonidas.
Aquila Leonidas
1st January 2009
Our mares seem determined to ensure that we have maximum reason to celebrate this year. El Caballero Amara foaled a lovely PRE filly this morning. Happy New Year!
Mara's 2009 Foal
25th December 2008
Bellamie foaled a gorgeous chesnut colt by Royal Hit this evening. With three socks and a star and snip, he was a wonderful end to our Christmas day.
Hitman AQ
14th & 15th December 2008 - ANCCE Clinic
We were able to attend the ANCCE clinic with Ignacio Bravo Garcia in Melbourne. We have started putting up our notes from the clinic here.
30th November 2008 - SICAB 2008, Sevilla
Sarah was able to visit SICAB this last Friday and Saturday. More details, photos and some videos can be found here.
1st November 2008 - WBFSH Studbook Rankings 2008
The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) annual studbook rankings for dressage in 2008 are out. The Portuguese (PSL) studbook is in 9th position, and the Spanish (PRE) studbook is in 11th position. A quick search of the list of FEI world ranking lists shows approximately 9 PREs and 13 PSLs with FEI points.
PRE horses ranked in the top 100:
FEI Ranking
Dam's Sire
Total Points
Fuego XII
Utrerano VII
Elegido III
Perdiguero II
Rociero XV
Rociero VIII
PSL horses ranked in the top 100:
FEI Ranking
Total Points
Relâmpago do Retiro
Oxalis da Meia Lua
The full results are available on the WBFSH website, or by clicking here.
18th October 2008 - ANCCE Morphology Seminars
The PREAA has a clinic flyer, detailing the topics that will be covered during the seminars. Download the flyer here.
12th October 2008 - ANCCE Morphology Seminars

Qld: 12 & 13 December at Bellara Park, 97 Worendo Street, Veresdale (near Beaudesert)
Melbourne: 14 & 15 December at Peppercorn Equestrian Centre, 230 Oaklands Road, Oaklands Junction

This seminar would be beneficial for those who own, or wish to purchase, a Spanish horse, judges, or those who want to know more about the breed.
Cost: $40 per person (2 days) or $30 per person (1 day)

Visit the PREAA website for a registration form, or for more information contact: Catherine Nicholls on

23rd September 2008 - Date Change, ANCCE Morphology Seminar
The clinics have been rescheduled for the 12th - 15th of December. Please see the PREAA website for more information.
23rd September 2008 - El Caballo Blanco Magazine
The July-August 2008 English edition of El Caballo magazine is available for download here (7 MB).
El Caballo
18th September - ANCCE Seminars on Showing the Spanish Horse: Conformation, Functionality Test, Mare Handling
PREAA has announced that ANCCE will hold two seminars in Australia in October, one in VIC and NSW / QLD.

Victoria: 17th and 18th of October, 2008 (Venue to be determined)
NSW/QLD: 19th and 20th of October, 2008 (Omaru Stud, Murwillumbah)

The seminar costs $40 per person for both days, or $25 per person for one day. A registration form and more information on this event can be found on the PREAA website.

30th August - PRE Online Studbook
ANCCE's new online studbook is now up and running. See below for further information.


The equine genealogy program is now ready for breeders and enthusiasts so that you can consult information about your horse and its "family tree". Likewise there are other new possibilities such as:

- ON LINE updated information about the horses included in the LG-PRE- ANCCE database
- Complete file of each horse
- More information about the horses included in the genealogy
- Red rosette for qualified horses
- Coat color at birth and genetic coat color
- Current owner according to the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book
- List of progeny for the horse consulted
- All sections of the family tree clickable.
- User-friendly

This first version is a demo, and it responds to the need the PRE enthusiasts have for information. In short, for both the public access and the private access versions, new functions will be included to help facilitate tasks, marketing and the dissemination of PRE horses.

The most important will be:

- Prediction of inbreeding for future progeny
- Prediction of coat colors, based on parent genotypes
- Breeder calendar for coverings, movements of horses in and out of the stud farm, veterinarian controls, LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book relations, etc.
- Updates of brands

We hope to have these and other utilities up and running before the end of the year.

22nd - 24th August - Belgian PRE Championships
This Saturday, Sarah attended the Belgian PRE championships, where she was able to watch the three year old filly and colt classes, and the 4 year old mare class. More details, photos and some videos can be found here.
19th August - Olympics Dressage
The top 15 riders and horses from the Dressage Individual Grand Prix Special competed in the Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle. The top five combinations are listed below:
Total Points
Anky van Grunsven
Isabell Werth
Heike Kemmer
Steffen Peters
Hans Peter Minderhoud
16th August - Olympics Dressage
The top 25 riders and horses from the Dressage Individual Grand Prix were able to compete in the Dressage Individual Grand Prix Special. Hayley Beresford and Relampago (who had placed 26th) were able to compete due to Imke Schellekens-Bartels retiring her horse Sunrise from the competition. The placings of the two Iberian horses in this competition are as follows:
Total Points
Fuego XII
Juan Manuel Munoz
Relampago de Retiro
Hayley Beresford
The competition was won by Isabell Werth and Satchmo, with a score of 75.200. Fuego's 16th place makes him ineligible to compete in the final dressage competition, the Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle.
14th August - Olympics Dressage

The PRE stallion Fuego XII was the highest scoring Iberian horse in the Dressage Individual Grand Prix, with a total score of 66.083 ( 22nd place). The placings of the Iberian horses competing in this competion are as follows:

Total Points
Fuego XII
Juan Manuel Munoz
Relampago de Retiro
Hayley Beresford
Galopin de la Font
Daniel Pindo
Carlos Pinto
Luiza Almeida
Oceano do Top
Leandro Silva
Miguel Ralao Duarte
The Dressage Individual Grand Prix was won by Germany's Isabell Werth on Satchmo, with a total score of 76.417.
12th August - Olympics Dressage
Hong Kong: Today, the hopes and dreams of Brazilian dressage fans were destroyed when Nilo VO sadly failed his veterinary re-inspection. Yesterday, after being sent to the holding box with Rogério Clementino, the veterinarians decided he should be re-presented 24 hours later. On this occasion, Brazilian team coach Johan Zagers shouldered the responsibility for presenting Nilo to the veterinary committee, and after trotting him twice, and following an extremely lengthy discussion, it was finally announced that Nilo had failed.
Click here for the full story.
17th July 2008 - ANCCE Dressage Scholarships for PRE horses

The scholarships consist of a monthly, 800 EUR payment to finance training expenses, maintenance and participation at competitions of 5, 6 and 7 years old horses. Four horses will be chosen per level, provided that the minimum average scores are reached.

ANCCE seeks to consolidate these horses in competition and to help them develop their potential to the fullest. The aim is to increase the level and number of riders with PRE horses that are already harvesting excellent results. This is a medium-term project, in which the objective is to improve the current level of PRE horses competing in the top level tests.

Those horses achieving the best averages, in their level, throughout the year will be eligible for these scholarships, providing these averages exceed 67%. The ANCCE Competition Commission will select the horses and riders by taking into consideration the average of the final scores achieved in three national competitions and the Young Horse Championship of Spain.

Every year, following the aforementioned Spanish National Championship, the commission will select the horses based on the results achieved. Owners will be granted the scholarships for the following year. To select the 5-year-olds, the scores in the tests for 4 years from the previous year will be taken into consideration; the same process will be followed all the way up to the 7-year-olds.

Scholarships are granted to the horse, so if ownership changes, the new owner will automatically receive the corresponding amount, provided that the horse continues competing and the required levels of results are attained. The ANCCE Competition Commission will follow the progress of each horse/rider throughout the year.

If due to injury or any other reason, a horse leaves the competition arena, the scholarship will be cancelled automatically. These scholarships will be awarded for yearly periods, with the exception stated in the previous paragraph. Each year the four horses that will receive the scholarships will be selected, depending on their results. The owner of the horse will sign a contract with ANCCE covering all these aspects.

The horse must be entered in competitions with the prefix ANCCE, and both the rider and the horse will advertise ANCCE on their clothes, according to the RFHE (Royal Equestrian Federation of Spain) Rules and Regulations.

A full copy of the rules and regulations for eligibility of Dressage scholarships will be published on the ANCCE web-site and will be sent to all the breeders.

More information can be found here.

7th July 2008 - Dutch PRE Campeonate
This weekend, Sarah was able to attend the Dutch Campeonate PRE in Deurne, The Netherlands. Despite the limitations of a small digital camera in an indoor arena, she was able to get some photos and basic videos of the morphology sections on Saturday. These will be uploaded over the day, and can be found here.
5th July 2008 - Olympics Selection
The Portuguese Equestrian Federation has selected Miguel Ralão Duarte riding Oxalis de Meia Lua and brothers Carlos Pinto riding Novatel and Daniel Pinto riding Galopin De La Font to represent the country at the upcoming Olympics.
4th July 2008 - Olympics Selection
The Australian Olympic Dressage team has been announced, and consists of Hayley Beresford on her Lusitano stallion Relampago de Retiro, Kristy Oatley on Quando Quando and Heath Ryan on Greenoaks Dundee. The reserve rider is Rozzie Ryan with Donna Carrera. Videos of Haley and Relampago de Retiro can be viewed here.
29th June 2008 - Olympics Selection
The Brazilian Olympic Dressage team has been announced, and consists entirely of Iberian horses - pure bred Lusitanos. The team is made up of Leandro Aparecido Da Silva on the Lusitano stallion Oceano do Top, Rogério Clementino on Nilo VO and 16 year old Luiza Tavares de Almeida on Samba.
28th June 2008 - ANCCE Morphology Seminars
In some wonderful news for PRE breeders, owners and enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand, ANCCE is planning to run Morphology seminars in Australia this year. ACPRE Australia has indicated that the seminars are tentatively planned for October, but more information will be made available when the plans are fixed.
26th June 2008 - Approved Veterinarians
A list of Australian veterinarians currently approved by ANCCE is now available. Click here for more information.
22nd June 2008 - Olympic Selection
Spanish website topiberian has reported that the PRE stallion Fuego XII, ridden by Juan Manuel Mañoz, is the first Spanish horse to be selected for the Spanish dressage team for the 2008 Olympics. A Video of Fuego XII can be viewed here.
12th June 2008 - Ancient Grave with Chariot and Horses
A grave containing the remains of two people, 16 horses and a two-wheeled chariot dating back to Roman times has been unearthed by archaeologists near Lithohori, in the Kavala region of north-east Greece.
Ancient grave with chariot and 16 horse discovered in Greece
4th June 2008 - ACPRE Closing Down

We received an email notice from ACPRE this evening informing owners and breeders that the current directors of ACPRE-Australia, Cristina Wilkins, Victoria Oska and Shayne King, are resigning their positions from ACPRE and will be formally closing down the organisation.

They will continue to process existing paperwork, but will cease accepting new paperwork. The organisation will be shut down in an orderly manner (paperwork will be archived and available).

ANCCE has been informed of the decision to close the association, and ACPRE has apparently been advised that "ANCCE remains fully committed to providing a full range of stud book services to the breeders and owners in Australia".

We thank Cristina, Vicki and Shayne for their assistance and wish them well for the future.

Click here for the full notice.

As most will be aware, ANCCE has also been working with the PREAA for providing services to owners and breeders in Australia; we hope that this partnership will continue. We live in interesting times!

23rd May 2008 - Revision, Melbourne
Our three youngest mares, Corazon Morganna, El Caballero Corazona and Mayica La Nobleza were inspected at Werribee and approved for breeding today. Corazona is expecting her first foal next year, and Morgana and La Nobleza will both be bred in the coming season.
8th May 2008
The May-June 2008 English edition of El Caballo magazine is available for download here (25 MB).
7th May 2008

The schedule for the 2008 Australian Valoration tour is out!

Tuesday 20th May - South East Qld - Venue - Pomona Showgrounds, (Exhibition St, Pomona) time to be confirmed depending on final flight arrangements from Cairns to Brisbane.
Wednesday 21st May - New South Wales - 1st Venue: Hills District Pony Club, (Castle Hill) in the morning. Travelling towards the second venue Gotico Park Stud in Blayney.
Thursday 22nd May - New South Wales 2nd Venue early morning, travelling back to airport in the afternoon.
Friday 23rd May - Victoria - 1st Venue: Werribee Park early morning and travel to 2nd Venue: El Caballero Stud (Kooweerup) for valoration in the afternoon. Any horses not seen in afternoon can be viewed in the morning.
Saturday 24th May - South Australia Venue: El Talentos Stud then travel to Perth in the afternoon.
Sunday 25th May - Western Australia Venue: Brookleigh Equestrian Centre (Swan Valley)
Sunday 26th May - LG PRE ANCCE representative flies back to Spain.

23rd April 2008
This year's valoration tour by LG PRE ANCCE for basic breeding revision is still planned to go ahead, from approximately 19th of May in QLD, ending up by the 26th of May in WA. Details are still being confirmed. We have been informed that there is still a little time to register your interest in having a horse valoratied if you haven't alread done so. Please contact ACPRE or PREAA for more information.
10th April 2008
News from ACPRE:
The deadline of March 31, 2008, which had been established by thet LG PRE ANCCE for stud farms to be updated and petitions for Ownership Cards, as well as for inscriptions of new foals without any additional charge has been extended until December 31, 2008.
27th March 2008

The March - April 2008 English edition of El Caballo magazine is available for download here (28 MB).

El Caballo March-April 2008
25th March 2008
ACPRE Australia has announced that the 2008 AGM will be held on the 28th of June in Canberra, with the exact location to be notified closer to the date.
3rd March 2008
So far, so good as we move towards the end of the breeding season... El Caballero Amara and Mayica Carlota have just had 17-day positive pregnancy scans. Both mares are in foal to Poseido.
14th February 2008
Bellamie (Northern Congress / xx) has just had a 14-day positive pregnancy scan to Royal Hit.
8th February 2008
Our last foal of the season has arrived! A strong, healthy colt by Weltmeyer. It is wonderful to have all foals and dams hale and hearty.
AQ Mitch
26th January 2008
We have just discovered that of our non-spam emails have been filtered out and (eventually) deleted by an over-zealous spam filter. If you have tried to contact us via email and received no response, please accept our apologies.
22nd January 2008

El Caballero Amara gave birth to a pretty little filly at about 1:00 am this morning, very politely following Mayica Carlota's lead, and giving us two foals in two nights. Both foals are healthy and active. The mares all seem to be foaling early this season.

El Caballero Amara and her foal, ca. 12 hours old
21st January 2008
Mayica Carlota gave us a huge surprise by foaling several weeks earlier than expected. The foal, a lovely colt with a wide blaze and white rings around his eyes, is already running rings around his mother. This is Poseido's first foal, and we are just thrilled!
"Hello, World" - Lottie's Colt at ca. 12 hours old
5th January 2008
We can certainly attest to the efficiency of foaling alarms! Bellamie dropped a huge colt this morning at 1:20 am, about three minutes after the foaling alarm sounded. Dam and foal are both well, although we think it will take the colt some time to unfold his long legs.
AQ Morgan at 3 days old
January 2008
This year, the PRE and PSL stud books have changed places on the FEI WBFSH's world ranking list - dressage by studbook. On this year's list, the PRE is in 13th place, and the PSL (Lusitano) is in 9th place. Click here to get the full results from the WBFSH website.
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