The choice of a horse must first be a love affair.

Nuno Oliveira

Buyer's Guide & Purchase Options

Pre-Purchase Examinations
Agreements and Contracts
Future Hardship

Buying a horse is an important decision, emotionally and financially. Type, temperament, ability, age and cost are all important factors in trying to find a horse to meet your riding or breeding goals. We will be happy to work with you to try to find the best match for you.

If you have any questions about our horses, or about breeding to our stallion, we will be happy to answer them openly and honestly. We want to help you make the best choices for you and our horses, not just make a sale.


Understandably, one of the first factors that most people consider is price. There are many factors that contribute the price of a horse, including age, bloodlines and training. Other factors that contribute to the price are its athletic ability, or its potential as a future stud animal.

Our PRE horses are registered with the Spanish Stud Book and some are registered with the Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia. All horses of breeding age are presented to the Spanish inspectors for breeding approval (revision) during annual inspections.

The horses are DNA tested and microchipped during the registration process.

Our warmblood foals are registered with the ACE group.

All our sale horses, regardless of breed, will be inspected by the Australian Continental Equestrian (ACE) group's international assessor from 2010, who provides an independent assessment of the horse's conformation and movement. The horses are jugded on their potential as future sport horses.


The environment in which a horse is raised can have a significant impact on its health, development and future career. Our horses are raised in large paddocks with varied terrain, allowing them to develop strong muscles and bone through unrestricted movement. Small herds ensure that the horses have 'normal' social interactions with other horses.

Further, we pay great attention to correct nutrition and preventative health programmes: our horses receive routine de-worming treatments, farrier visits and vaccinations.

Pre-Purchase Examinations
Once a selection is made, we can provide you with a list of local vets for a pre-purchase exam. We will also inform you which veterinary practice we use, so that you can make an informed decision.

Once you have decided to purchase a horse, we will ask for a 10% deposit to hold the horse for you until the balance is paid.

In order to ensure that you have all the information you need to start out with your new horse, we will provide you with copies or originals of:
- Any health records
- Any notes on the horse's training
- ACE assessment results
- Show results
- Information on the horse's feeding programme
- Breed registration and transfer papers

If you'd like, we can also help you to arrange transportation for your new horse with a reputable transportation company.


In order to increase the flexibility of your purchase, we are pleased to offer you the following payment options. Please feel free to discuss these options with us further.


-Full Payment: All full payments receive an immediate 10% discount off the horse's price until weaning.

-Payment Plan: Payment plans are available until the foal is weaned, or another mutually determined date. A non-refundable deposit is required. The horse must be insured during the payment period.
- In-Utero Purchases: The in-utero (before birth) purchase of foals may be available if desired. In-utero purchases have several advantages, the most important being that the foals are generally offered at a lower price, and that you can pay for the foal over a longer period of time. There can also be some disadvantages, too. What if you only want the foal if it is a filly? or a colt? What happens if the mare slips, or the foal is born dead? These are things that need to be agreed upon in advance, meaning that each in-utero purchase will be handled on an individual basis.
Agreements and contracts
All agreements and contracts are drawn up in plain english by our tame solicitor. Where necessary, they can be adjusted to reflect individual requirements. These documents are not designed to be 'scary', but rather to make sure that everyone understands the terms. If you have any questions or queries about these documents, please contact us.
Future Hardship
We hope that all our horses will go to secure, long-term homes. However, we understand that horses will often move around, and that their owners may occasionally find themselves in difficulties. We will attempt to provide assistance to any of our horses that find themselves, or whose owners find themselves, in difficulty in the future.
If you have any questions, or a looking for advice, please let us know. We are always just a phone call or email away.