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Clinic & Show Reports

Every now and then we are able to attend a clinic, show or seminar. In a possibly futile effort to retain information, copious notes are scrawled into various notebooks. These notes are (eventually) typed so that we can actually read this information in the future. We are happy to make these notes available on this website.

Please note, however, that in many cases the seminars have been held in a foreign language and translation 'on the fly' can at times be difficult. German, for example, has horse related terminology that we do not have in English - and trying to pick the correct word to get the correct 'meaning' can be tricky. Often, clinicians are also lecturing in a language that is not their own.

And, as is often the case, inaccuracies may occur due to faulty note-taking, memory, or understanding. Therefore, please understand that any 'mistakes' or 'deficiencies' are likely our own, and not those of the clinicians.

26th November 2010 - Philippe Karl Clinic, Melbourne 2010
20th November 2010 - Steffen Peters Masterclass, Equitana, Melbourne
31st August 2010 - International PRE Judges Seminar, run by the Spanish College of Judges
31st August 2010 - In-Hand Clinic with Howard Peet
31st August 2010 - Championship Grooming with Moe Gutierrez
31st August 2010 - Equine Photography with Carol Walker
21st March 2010 - Clinic Report: PSI Young Horse Clinic with Ulf Möller, DJWTS
19th January 2010 - Harry Whitney Clinic, Geelong
21 November 2009 - Philippe Karl meets Gerd Heuschmann, Niedersachsenhalle, Verden
9th November 2009 - Seminar Report: Ingrid Klimke Cavaletti for Sport and Recreational Horses, Weser-Ems
30th October 2009 - Lungeing Seminar (FN style)
25th October 2009 - Clinic Report: Philippe Karl in Pegestorf, Germany (coming soon)
16th October 2009 - Dr. Gerd Heuschmann meets Bent Branderup in Ostertal, Germany
23rd August 2009 - Belgian PRE Championships 2009
15th August 2009- Clinic Report: Arthur Kottas in Hennef, Germany
1st August 2009 - Clinic Report: Dr. Gerd Heuschmann in Düsseldorf, Germany (coming soon)
21st June 2009 - Clinic Report: Phillipe Karl in Pegestorf, Germany
9th - 10th May 2009 - Bent Branderup Clinic
14th & 15th December 2008 - ANCCE Clinic in Melbourne
30th November 2008 - SICAB 2008, Sevilla
22nd - 24th August - Belgian PRE Championships 2009
7th July 2008 - Dutch PRE Campeonate 2008