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General Alexis L'Hotte

Aquila Rosalinda


SSB: 7240150802AU040  


Breeding approved (APTO)
PRE, 22.01.2008

Expected to mature ca. 15.2

Aquila Rosalinda
Aquila Rosalinda

Aquila Rosalinda is registered in the Spanish Stud Book (SSB 7240150802AU040).

Show Results:
EquiPRE Breed Assessment Tour: Morphology: 61 | Average Movement 7.333 | Total 83 (a stupendous score!). Awarded Elite mare status.
Camperdown Pastoral and Agricultural Show, 9th October 2010: 1st Place, Show Hunter Hack 15-15.2hh

Aquila Rosalinda was broken in by Michael Godding, and is a delight to ride.

Aquila Rosalinda is in foal to Fugit
ivo XII, due eary 2013.

Poseido LXXII
Viajero V
Devoto II
Barquillero XIII
Devota (by Amoroso V)
Viajera II
Farruco VI
Gobernadora III (by Garboso XII)
Poseida XII
Jubiloso V
Hosco II
Jubilosa II (by Generoso VIII)
Discreta VI
Usurpadora (by Bizarro IV)
El Caballero Amara
Encantador III
Embajador II
Embajadora (by Africano III)
Escribiente VI
Jocosa III (by Adentro)
El Caballero Jarana
Corveta (by Estudiante XII)
Jacaranda XII
Embajador II
Formentera (by Cazador VII)

When this sweet filly was born, we unanimously decided that she looked like a 'Rosie'. Wanting to formalise the name a little for the studbook, we decided on Rosalinda. We could not have chosen a more fitting name.

A small amount of research via our favourite internet search engine informed us that the name Rosalinda is Germanic in origin. It was derived from the Old High German Roslindis, a compound name composed of the elements hros (horse), or hros (fame), and lind (gentle, tender, soft). The name was introduced to Spain by the Goths. Current 'folk etymology' attributes the name to a compounding of the Spanish elements rosa (rose) and linda (pretty).
If you are interested in AQ Rosalinda, please contact us today. We can supply more details and arrange an inspection.
Rosalinda and her minions

Rosalinda, reminding her minions that there is a pecking order... and that she is at the top of it!

Camperdown P & A Show 2010
Camperdown P & A Show 2010
Aquila Rosalinda, Pure Spanish Filly
AQ Rosalinda
Aquila Rosalinda (ca. 5 weeks old) and El Caballero Amara
AQ Rosalinda
AQ Rosalinda (ca. 5 weeks old) and El Caballero Amara