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31st October 2007
The following information has been received by ACPRE:

"It will now be possible to inscribe the products that were born or conceived by a stallion prior to him being valorated, but only after he is presented and passes a basic breeding evaluation. The application for inscription (of the foal/horse) can only be made AFTER the stallion has passed the basic breeding evaluation and been declared APTO.

Breeders have to understand that there is a risk to breeding to a non-valorated stallion, because if for any reason (death, injury etc) the stallion is not presented to the evaluation or he does not pass, the products will NEVER be eligible for inscription.

In the past this was not possible because it was not possible to obtain cover certificates for coverings that took place before the stallion was presented to the valoration, and without the cover certificate the inscription could not take place. Now the LG PRE ANCCE will issue the cover certificates needed to inscribe products already conceived from Jan 2007 onwards, but these can only be issued AFTER the stallion has passed the evaluation.

If the coverings took place before 2007 (when FESCCR managed the LG PRE), the LG PRE ANCCE will issue a new document called a "declaration of birth" and which can accompany the inscription documents (FESCCR can no longer issue cover certificates or any other paperwork now that they are no longer managing the Stud Book.)

Please note that mares could always have already born products inscribed once they passed the evaluation.

It is the intention that EI permitting, the next evaluation visit will take place in March or April next year. This will be an opportunity for all inscribed PRE horses 3 years and older to be presented for basic breeding approval. Already born or conceived products of both stallions and mares that present to this evaluation and pass will be considered eligible for inscription in the LG PRE. We will let you know of any developments regarding the evaluation visit as they come up."

20th September 2007
For more information on the Equine Influenza virus, please visit your state or territory's DPI website or call the EI hotline.
1800 675 888 - Hotline for all equine influenza enquiries or donations.
The NSW DPI website contains a great deal of information on the EI virus and how to stop (or slow) its spread. This information may also be interesting for those not in NSW or QLD.
Updated 31st August 2007
Equine Influenza
Information on the Equine Influenza virus and how the outbreak in Australia is being handled can be found on the websites below:

July 2007
A delegation from the ANCCE visited Australia this month, for a meeting with breeders and the two main breed associations (ACPRE and AHAA). It appears that both the AHAA and ACPRE will be able to act on behalf of breeders through 2007, although ANCCE is expected to just one organisation sometime in 2008.

From this year, all horses will need an Ownership Card before receiving services from ANCCE. The ownership card will be reissued when a horse is sold.


February 2007
We are very pleased with the season so far. After having a couple of months to settle in to his new home (to which he has taken with alacrity), Poseido has served two of our mares (Mayica Carlota and El Caballero Amara) for two positive pregnancies.

January 2007
The 2006 FEI WBFSH world ranking list - dressage by studbook shows that, as a breed, the PRE is in 9th place in the world dressage rankings. The PSL (Lusitanos) are in 13th place. Click here to get the full results from the WBFSH website.

January 2007
Rafael Soto's 17 y.o. PRE stallion Invasor II has been retired. Soto, head trainer of the Spanish Riding School in Jerez de la Frontera, competed Invasor in three Olympic games - Atlanta, Sydney and Athens. They scored well at the WEGs in Rome, Jerez and Aachen. Invasor was the youngest horse to compete at the Athens Olympics at 7 years old.