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His neck is high and erect, his head full with intelligence, his belly short, his back full, and his proud chest swells with hard muscle.


Poseido LXXII (Imp. Spain)


General Information:
P.R.E. (100% Carthusian), 2002
16.1 hh
Approved for breeding (APTO)

Service Fee: $2,200 inc. GST
Conditional Live Foal Guarantee

X-Rays available



Poseido LXXII is registered and approved for breeding in the Spanish Stud Book (SSB 190101002315409). He is also registered as a Purebred Spanish Horse with the AHAA (SO1654).

Show Results:
EquiPRE 2010 - National Reserve Champion Stallion
Heytesbury Agricultural Show 2010 - Reserve Champion, Open Led Stallion & Colts

Breeding Contract:
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Gender of Progeny (to 2010):
60% fillies, 40% colts

Viajero V
Devoto II
Barquillero XIII
Botinero III
Barquillera XII (by Novato)
Amoroso V
Narajera VIII (by Generoso VIII)
Viajera II
Farruco VI
Hosco II
Farruca IV (by Garboso XII)
Gobernadora III
Garboso XII
Algabena IV (by Mejicano VI)
Poseida XII
Jubiloso V
Hosco II
Nevado III
Hosca (by Bilbaino III)
Jubilosa II
Generoso VIII
Distinguida VI (by Novato)
Discreta VI
Poseido III
Tatuaje (by Bilbaino III)
Bizzaro IV
Lebrena (by Hosco II)

Poseido LXXII was imported into Australia in December 2006 from the Ganaderia Antonio Domínguez Galiano, breeders of pure Carthusian horses (Pura Estirpe Cartujana) near Seville in Spain, making him a true 'Andalusian'.

Poseido is a very 'typey' stallion, demonstrating the best characteristics of the pure Spanish horse. He is conformationally correct, and has good bone. He is very imposing, with a real 'look at me' presence, but he is very kind, willing and intelligent - which makes him easy to train. These are traits which he has passed on to his offspring.
Poseido LXXII is a pure Carthusian horse, whose bloodlines come mainly from the Salvatierra and Novales studs. His pedigree is littered with some of the best and most influential of Spanish stallions, giving him common ancestry with many of the top performing Spanish horses of today.
We selected Poseido LXXII after an extensive search as we felt that his good movement and conformation, coupled with his fantastic temperament and bloodlines would be a good match for Australian mares, providing us with offspring which will be just as much at home in the breed ring as in the dressage arena.
The following photos were taken at Michael Godding's training facility in Yass, where Poseido has been for two months for breaking in and training.
Poseido LXXII, Pura Raza Espanola (andalusian) stallion
Poseido LXXII, Pura Raza Espanola (andalusian) stallion