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AHAA National Show, 15th - 17th March 2013

Aquila Leonidas, 3rd Place - Lunging Test
Aquila Merlin, 6th place - Horse and handler
Aquila Merlin, 2nd Place - Led Spanish Gelding 4 years and under 7 years
Aquila Dienekes, 2nd Place - Spanish Entire, 2 years and under 4 years
Aquila Dienekes - Reserve Champion Spanish Junion Spanish Entire
Aquila Leonidas, 4th place - Led Spanish Entire, 4 years and under 7 years


AHAA NSW State Show, 6th - 7th October 2012
Aquila Merlin and Aquila Leonidas - 1st Place, Progeny Class (2 progeny of same sire or dam)
Poseido LXXII, Aquila Merlin and Aquila Leonidas - 1st Place, Progeny Group (mare or stallion with two offspring)
Judge: Sabina Callaghan

Aquila Leonidas, 2nd Place - Led Spanish colt 2 years to 4 years
Aquila Leonidas - Reserve Champion Led Spanish Colt
Poseido LXXII, 2nd Place - Led Spanish stallion 9 years to 12 years
Poseido LXXII - Reserve Champion Spanish Stallion
Aquila Merlin, 3rd Place - Led Spanish gelding 5 years to 8 years
Aquila Leonidas, 1st place - Ridden Spanish male under 15.2hh
Poseido LXXII, 3rd place - Ridden Spanish male over 15.2hh
Aquila Merlin, 3rd place - Ridden Spanish gelding under 15.2hh
Judge: xxxxxxx



AHAA National Show, 18th - 20th February 2011
Aquila Merlin - 1st place, Led Spanish Entire 2 yrs & under 4
Aquila Merlin - National Reserve Champion Junior Spanish Entire

Aquila Merlin - 1st place, Section 6 (3 yo colts)
Aquila Merlin - Reserve Champion Colt (Sections 2, 4, 6)

Judge Ignacio Bravo.


ACE Inspection, 27th January 2010
Aquila Lucero, WB foal - Conformation 79.5%, Movement 74%, Total 76.75%. Comments: very nice type, fine legs, elastic trot.

Aquila Sophia, 2yo PRE - Conformation 74%, Movement 73.5%, Total 73.75%. Comments: good set neck, engaged in trot and canter and swinging in her movements.

Aquila Salome, 2yo PRE - Conformation 75%, Movement 71%, Total 73%. Comments: Uphill, good topline, long good set neck.

Aquila Merlin, 3yo PRE - Conformation 75.5%, Movement 69.5%, Total 72.5%. Comments: colt with a good neck, could overtrack more in his walk and be more swinging in his movements.

Aquila 'not yet named', PRE foal - Conformation 74%, Movement not shown (stone bruise). Comments: Strong in the back.


ACPRE EquiPRE Breed Assessment Tour, November 2010

Poseido LXXII - Subcampeón de la Raza (National Reserve Champion Stallion)
Aquila Rosalinda - Subcampeóna de la Raza (National Reserve Champion Mare)
Aquila Leonidas - Campeón de la Raza (National Champion Colt)
Aquila Sophia - Campeóna de la Raza (National Champion Filly)
  Mejores Movimientos (Best Movement - Junior)
  Highest movement score overall, with an outstanding 9 for trot!

In addition, Poseido's progeny Aquila Rosalinda and Aquila Sophia were awarded Elite status. Aquila Leonidas and Aquila Merlin were awarded Premium Status.

Aquila Salome was not shown as she developed an abcess in the days before the show.

Camperdown P&A Show, 9th October 2010
Aquila Rosalinda - 1st Place, Led Show Hunter Hack 15 - 15.2 hh

Trakehner Verband Inspections, March 2010
The Valedictorian - Conformation 80%, Movement 78.5%, Total 79.25%. 1st Senior Stallion, Reserve Champion Senior Horse, highest scoring stallion in Australia this tour. Presented by Aquila PRE on behalf of the Bywater Stud.

Lolita AQ - Conformation 71.5%, Movement 73.5%, Total 72.5%. Will be reassessed when more mature.

Heytesbury Show, 9th February 2010
Poseido LXXII - Reserve Champion, Open Led Stallion & Colts
Aquila Merlin - 3rd Place, Open Led Stallion & Colts

ACE Inspection, 27th January 2010
Aquila Merlin, 2yo - Conformation 75%, Movement 74.50%, Total 74.75%. Comments: compact, uphill constructed, nice neck, good round canter

Lucy AQ, 3yo - Conformation 74.5%, Movement 70.5%, Total 72.50%. Comments: Nice type, nice faced mare, long legged, nice walk, could have a lot more swing and impulsion in trot and canter.

Donna AQ, 3yo - Conformation 73.00%, Movement 73.50%, Total 73.25. Comments: nice type, short lined, relaxed, enough swinging movements

Mitch AQ, 2yo- Conformation 70.00%, Movement 69.50%, Total 68.75%.